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Forum posts on Moodle

Forum posts on Moodle

by Kerry Gordon -
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You may already be aware that previously when a forum post was submitted or when a tutor marked your work, Moodle used to generate an email that would be sent to all those who were subscribed on the forum or to the individual student respectively.  Unfortunately, this facility is not working at present, so no emails are being generated. Therefore to see other participants forum postings, or what comments or grade a tutor has submitted on your reflection or assignment, you will need to check Moodle, as there are no email notifications. Likewise, if you want to message a lecturer or tutor, please email them direct, as messaging through Moodle seems to be hit and miss as to whether it sends an email to the recipient. 

We are liaising with AC Sydney, to rectify this, but no solution has been forthcoming to date. 

Let's hope this is sorted sooner rather than later!

Kerry Gordon

Head of Christian Studies