End of Semester Evaluations

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End of Semester Evaluations
by Kerry Gordon - Wednesday, 27 June 2018, 12:58 PM

Hi to all Semester One Students,

Well it is hard to believe that Semester One is quickly drawing to a close and the last assignments, logs and reflections should all be submitted by the end of the week! Well done to those who have completed everything - you have worked hard and can now have three weeks break before Semester 2 begins on 23rd July.

One last thing - if you could all complete the Feedback evaluations for each subject we would really appreciate that thank you. You might be surprised at changes we have made following comments from you, the students, in these evaluations. 

For those few who are struggling to finish and haven't completed an extension request, please contact me urgently at Kerry@acnz.ac.nz or phone 09 5801500 to speak to myself (ext205) or Ruth (ext213)

Praying all goes well for the rest of the week and for your break

God Bless