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Last things for the year!

Last things for the year!

by Kerry Gordon -
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The College year is quickly drawing to a close, and here in the office and at other parts of the country, lecturers and tutors are rushing to get all the last assignments and exams graded.  If you haven't submitted some assignments and would still like to do so to complete, please email me at or phone 5801500 ext 205 and we can discuss your situation. 

As the last thing for you to do, could you please complete the student feedback for each paper that you have studied this semester? We would really appreciate this, as we endeavour to improve in areas where we need to and it also encourages us when things have gone well! You will find these under the activities tab in each paper. Thank you so much for doing this.

Well done to those who have successfully completed their Diploma, Certificate or Degree. May you be blessed as you continue to walk with the Lord and be led by the Spirit in all that you do.

For others, we will see you back next year, in either February or March as you continue to work towards that which you have started.

kind regards