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    Last things for the year!
    by Kerry Gordon - Wednesday, 22 November 2017, 7:41 AM


    The College year is quickly drawing to a close, and here in the office and at other parts of the country, lecturers and tutors are rushing to get all the last assignments and exams graded.  If you haven't submitted some assignments and would still like to do so to complete, please email me at...

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    ESTHER - with Associate Professor Jacqui Grey
    by Kerry Gordon - Wednesday, 13 September 2017, 9:36 AM

    Next week, Jacqui Grey is delivering a 4.5 day intensive on the book of Esther here at the College. 

    Esther is a female character in the Old Testament who outwits her enemies in a deadly game of palace politics. In a thoughtful examination of Esther, we discover that it is a book rich in wonder, ...

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    Forum posts on Moodle
    by Kerry Gordon - Monday, 11 September 2017, 9:07 AM

    You may already be aware that previously when a forum post was submitted or when a tutor marked your work, Moodle used to generate an email that would be sent to all those who were subscribed on the forum or to the individual student respectively.  Unfortunately, this facility is not working at ...

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